Valve Construction

Series 30,000 is capable of performing bidirectional zero leakage in extreme temperature conditions. This all-metal construction and inherently fire-resistant design, is unaffected by temperature changes. The fully integrated long bonnet moves the packing area away from extreme service temperatures (-76F through 842F).

Sealing components

The materials used for sealing, coupled with precise machining, significantly extend the life of the valve. Every Vanessa Series 30,000 valve in basic configuration features a smoothly grinded seat with Stellite® grade 21 weld overlay. This overlay combined with the triple offsets ability to create a non-rubbing seating surface during cycling is extremely resistant to abrasion, erosion and corrosion.
The Vanessa seal ring is the main sealing component that may be laminated in Duplex (as a minimum) or manufactured as a one-piece solid seat. Seal rings are easily interchangeable and replaceable thanks to the self-centering design and the use of reference pins that simplify assembly. A spiral wound gasket allows expansion and contraction of the seal ring during normal opening and closing of the valve.

Vanessa valves all share the same trim design which is a combination of optimized angles, and robust bearings and shafts. Some of the key features in our Series 30,000 include:

  • A one-piece shaft that maximizes robustness versus a two-piece shaft that is commonly used in low pressure butterfly valves.
  • A Two-piece packing gland that enhances safety and reliability for leakage and fugitive emissions over time.
  • The shaft to disc connection is secured utilizing keys (no pins) in order to optimize torque transmission without compromising shaft integrity.
  • The disc is not a sealing element in this design and instead, only a carrier. Being consistent with body material, the disc can be exposed to the same level of abrasion and corrosion as the valve body, but without negative effects on shut off.
  • Heavy duty bearings and thrust bearing are engineered to withstand very high pressure loads and wear.

o               Standard reinforced, braided and flexible graphite bearing protectors are used to eliminate the risk of particle intrusion and ensure consistent torque increasing overall reliability.

  • Internal and external retaining devices are used to ensure that the one-piece shaft is blow-out proof and provides complete compliance with API 609.
  • The Open/closed disc references and an external disc position indicator simplify installation/removal procedures that are in compliance with API expansion.


3-12” Class 150 and 300, Lugged & Gate Valve Face to Face, Carbon Steel

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Vanessa- Series 30,000

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